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Timeshare Classified Ads helps timeshare owners who are trying to sell timeshare units as well as rent their timeshare to other interested parties. Many times people find they no longer wish to own their timeshare or find they can not travel during a given time and must rent their timeshare. When someone is interested in selling a timeshare or renting a timeshare, Timeshare Classified Ads provides the connection between owners and buyers or renters who might be interested in their property.

For travelers, we provide multiple methods of searching our inventory from around the world in seconds with just the click of a button, ensuring the timeshare rental or resale found is the perfect one for a memorable family vacation. For timeshare owners we provide one of the quickest methods for advertising your timeshare. Completing our online listing form normally takes less than fifteen minutes.

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Many travelers might find themselves asking what are timeshare rentals? A timeshare becomes available for rent on this site when an owner decides they are unable to travel during their usage time. Rather than allow the unit to go unused, an owner will post their timeshare for rent on this site allowing their week to be used by someone else. Many owners are even willing to negotiate on their asking price, making it a great deal for the vacationers.

Since timeshare rentals are being made available by individuals, travelers will normally find they can reserve quality lodging at four and five star resorts for less than the week would cost them had they booked it with the resort directly. When a timeshare rental is found everyone is a winner! The owner receives payment for the week and the renter gets an amazing deal while also enjoying a memorable travel experience. The timeshare resort benefits because they do not leave a vacant room increasing their occupancy rate. You can find timeshare rentals for your family's next vacation by using the search form at the top of this page. Simply select "Timeshare Rentals" as the timeshare type and only ads posted as rentals will be displayed.

Popular timeshare rental locations include Orlando, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Bahamas, Mexico, and Aruba just to name a few. No matter your travel needs the right timeshare rental can be find with ease by searching the timeshare classified ads.

People unfamiliar with timeshares often believe they can only purchase a week directly from a timeshare resort; however this is not the case. When an owner decides to advertise their timeshare it becomes a "timeshare resale". Timeshare resales offer many advantages for buyers when compared with buying a timeshare directly from the resort. The largest and most obvious reason for considering resales is the price. In the secondary market, timeshare weeks will be sold for a fraction of the price one would pay when buying directly from the resort.

What’s the difference between buying direct from the resort and buying timeshares for sale through an individual? The good news for buyers is there is no difference other than the price they pay. People purchasing a timeshare resale receive the same benefits and usage as another person who buys from the resort's sales department. However, when buying a timeshare for sale by owner, the buyer can literally save thousands, and in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars.  You can search for timeshare resales (timeshares for sale by owner) by using the search form at the top of this page by selecting "Timeshare Resales" as the timeshare type you are searching for.

Another great benefit of timeshare resales for a potential buyer is the ability to travel to resorts other than the resort where the timeshare is owned. This is done through timeshare exchanges. A timeshare exchange is where one owner trades a week of vacation at their home resort for a week of vacation at another owner's resort. The two owners simply exchange their travel dates at their respective resort. Their are two ways to exchange timeshares. The first and most common method is by joining a timeshare exchange company, such as RCI or Interval International. The second and most direct method is by contacting another timeshare owner who has indicated they are interested in an exchange. This method can be done via the search form at the top of this page.



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